Startup Weekend experience in the second city of Iran


.This blog post is originally written in Persian in Mohsen Malayeri’s blog. Here you can read the English translation


    When we were talking about the second host of startup weekend in Iran, my perception was always holding in one of the main cities of country. Mashhad, Shiraz, Isfahan or Tabriz.

    Various requests were made by different organizations for holding this event in their cities but none of them pursued seriously by the requesters.

   Till Iman Davoodian, one of the attendees of Iran second startup weekend, finally held the event well by his consistency and by forming a group of enthusiast organizers. Iman was always insisting on having great talents in Birjand city which eager to running a startup but lacks of education stuffs.

    The lesson which I got from this event was holding a startup weekend as a good way of popping out startups in an area only made by responsible people. Those people who wants to have positive effects on business condition of their cities and seeing this effect on their side in the long term goal.

What happened in Birjand Startup Weekend?

    Morning of Wednesday, me (as facilitator of the event) and with Ashk Fathi and Naser Ghanemzadeh (Two Tehrani mentors of the event) got to Birjand by a flight landed in Mashhad. Iman had come for welcoming us and we got to mountain hotel Koohestani which was one of the sponsors of the event.

    The event started at 5pm o’clock with addressing of the University and Science & Technology Park representatives. Approximately 40 people were attended to the Birjand startup weekend and 16 ideas were pitched by them, finally 6 ideas got the most votes and organized teams.

-MillerLab ( Educational software for simulating Anesthesiology )

-3D Barber ( Software for choosing hairstyle )

-Shahre Digital ( IT jobs & needs on a map )

– Ostad Tazminy ( Network for connecting teachers & consultant for master university student )

– Hooshyab ( Talent finder for school students )

-Asoon Resoon ( Buying virtual or real books via mobile platform in public places )


    Good mentors and judges from Mashhad had come to Birjand for guiding the attendees which itself was a great help, for instance Ali Jahedi (vice president of Incubator center of Khorasan Razavi), Mahdi Mohammadi and Milad Safarzadeh. With cooperating of university, representative of science & technology park Southern Khorasan attended the event in the finishing day.

    One of the local successful startups in the city which was founded by Alireza Hosseini is “Birjand City“. Although its concentration is only on Birjand city, has been successful in creating good value for the local people. Maybe later I would post about local startups.

    When I compare the ideas of this event with Tehran, most of them are the same and this shows some workshops must be held before startup weekend events in these cities for better idea generating.

    However in general we witness great pivot in some startups and unique idea called MillerLab (educational software for simulating Anesthesiology) which was in medicine field.

   Teams ranked from the first to the third were MillerLab, Hooshyab and Asoon Resoon. The first team prize was 500 thousand Tooman from Negin Rayaneh company and 400 thousand Tooman advertising credit from Anetwork. The second team prize was 300 thousand Tooman for helping attending Scrum educational courses and 200 thousand Tooman for Anetwork advertising credit and finally the third team prize was 100 thousand Tooman credit from Iran Server hosting.

    I hope startup weekend will be held at least in 5 other cities of Iran. The process of holding an event is on the Iran startup weekend website. Maybe it’s time for you to make steps for your city startup weekend.

irankhodroand this is the Iran Khodro laptop in Birjand startup weekend! 😉

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